Development environment setup

No, I am not talking about luxurious battle station set up with StreamDecks, DSLR cameras, lighting, RGB keyboards, etc. Someday, maybe, when I am smart enough to figure out all the audio visual stuff. What I am talking about though is the setup for my development on my machine.

Couple of things I am working with:

  • Visual Studio Code Insiders Edition
  • Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition
  • Azure Data Studio
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Docker Desktop (running under WSL2, not that I needed WSL2, I just thought it might be worth trying out)
  • Windows Terminal
  • Git for Windows

Visual Studio Code

The not so new kid on the block. I find the extensions really good. There seems to be a bunch of investment in this tool. It covers a really wide range of uses for what I do. Download it here: Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio 2019

Look I haven’t used this in a while. If I actively start working with it again, I will loop back on this. I generally don’t do much customisation with Visual Studio. I do generally make sure that I have it geared for Azure, Database Projects, and either C# or Python development. I find it does most of what I need to do out the box.

Azure Data Studio

The data sister of Visual Studio Code. Makes sense to have. Get started here: Azure Data Studio

SQL Server Management Studio

Ye old SSMS. This has been my world for the past few years as a SQL Server DBA and Consultant. Download it over here: SQL Server Management Studio

Docker Desktop

Containers are a hot topic. An area that I am looking to explore a little more. Thankfully, the team at Docker make it really easy to get up an running on my Windows machine. Get started over here: Docker Desktop

Windows Terminal

I love this thing. I was not a “command line guy”. The more I work in The Cloud, the more I find myself enjoying it. Considering I spend more time there, why not make it pretty 🦋. At this point I welcomed Scott Hanselman’s Pretty Prompt post, go check it out. Get started here: Windows Terminal

Git for Windows

Git for Windows. VSCode does have Git integrated, I have this for some other reasons.

That’s pretty much if for now. I used to use Notepad++ but I found that I can do most of what I wanted with VSCode.

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